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Executive Search

We take complete charge of the function of finding the right candidate for you. When we do an executive search, our aim is to find confident job seekers, who are technically able and have the right attitude to work and stick to an organization. To establish whether the candidate is a right fit for our clients, we go through several layers of assessment and processing before we reach a conclusion. Some of the things involved in the in depth process include : -

  • ›› Organisation Assessment
  • ›› Position Assessment
  • ›› Sourcing of resumes through references, portals, existing database and headhunting
  • ›› Screening of resumes
  • ›› Screening of candidates though Preliminary round of interview, F2f meeting etc and profile
  • ›› summary created and shared with client with focus on both Technical as well as Behavioral competencies
  • ›› Interview coordination of shortlisted candidates
  • ›› Continuous Association with candidates till the time they join the organisation.

HR Outsourcing

For startups who find it difficult to run an HR department in house, and for expanding companies who can't let their HR departments swell up proportionately, it's best to pass on the job of transactional HR to specialists. We are HR specialists, and we are quite good at taking care of your headaches by running your HR department for you. Some of the services that we provide under HR outsourcing include : -

  • ›› Recruitment management
  • ›› Pre hire orientation
  • ›› Induction and on boarding
  • ›› Performance management
  • ›› Training process management
  • ›› Rewards and recognition
  • ›› Employee engagement programs
  • ›› Employee communication programs
  • ›› HR administration
  • ›› Payroll administration
  • ›› Visa Processing related services for International Positions
  • ›› Exit Management and designing of Retention Strategies
  • ›› Quality Circle Initiatives
  • ›› Third Party contract outsourcing and administration
  • ›› Any other area of HR apart from above mentioned areas

Job Seeker's Benefits

Indepth understanding on various sectors and organisation We have Team of HR professionals who have experience of working in Corporates so indepth understanding of various functions is already set up in the system.So employers save their time explaining the positions to us again and again .

Low Takt Time

We also do competitive industry research and share the same with our clients so that they are at the same platform as the industry .

Job Seeker's benefits- :

RIGHT FIT : - We work with top multi-nationals, leading Indian and emerging companies. This gives you access to job openings at a wide range of organizations so you can choose what’s best for you .

Cross-career placements : - Cross-career placements: We work on recruitment across all career stages and hierchical levels. We will be able to help you find your professional foothold whether you’re a fresher or have several years of work experience .

Career consultation : - Career consultation - If you are not sure whether or not you need to change jobs, and just want to gather information and identify what you should be doing, our consultants will be able to help you arrive at the right decision

Comprehensive career guidance : - Comprehensive career guidance: We provide assistance in all activities related to recruitment. We can help you figure out whether the timing is right for a career or job change and what your approach should be while making a transition. We can also help compose an effective CV, assist you in preparing for interviews, understand compensation structures, and negotiate an appropriate compensation package .

Benefit to Freshers

Getting your carrier off to a good start can be a challenging proposition. Especially considering being a fresher, you do not have a track record of good performance, examples of turning around tough situation, recommendations from industry experts etc. all of that comes with work experience which you do not have but what you do have is good education, confidence, right attitude, energy and passion. We help you channelize all these wonderful qualities and help you map them on to the requirements of top organizations. We provide you the necessary guidance help you tweak your image in a manner that makes you desirable to the sort of company you want to work with. So, you don’t need to feel lost while figuring out a career start for yourself. It’s easy when you have the right people helping you.

Placement consultation : -

Placement consultation: Placing freshers is our specialty. We understand what companies are looking for in fresh graduates. We can help you stand out amongst the thousands of applicants in your industry.

Right positioning : -

We understand the growing demand for fresh talent in all industry segments and can help you enhance and showcase your competencies to suit requirements of companies in India and abroad

Cross-industry placements : -

We service clients in diverse industries such as information technology, software, banking, engineering, electronics, telecom, garments, services, and consumer products. This gives you access to the right employers, no matter which industry segment you’re looking to enter

Employer Benefits

We save your time:We have Team of HR professionals who have experience of working in Corporates so a deep understanding of various functions is already set up in the system. Employers save their time explaining the positions to us again and again.

  • ››  We do a thorough understanding of the culture of the organisation and we provide the best fit resource for the organisation keeping the Technical Skills and      Behavioural Skills in mind..
  • ››  Large candidate pool-We have our lager inbuilt database which helps us in meeting the client's requirements in shortest possible time.
  • ››  Low Takt Time-Cycle time required to send the relevant data ranges from one hour to three days from the time of receiving the requirement and depending upon the      employer's need.
  • ››  Competitive Industry Research-Our industry research team does time to time survey and research to keep ourselves and our clients abreast with the latest in the job      market.
  • ››  Continuous search- We believe in truly empathising with our client's requirements and we keep stretching ourselves and providing relevant data till the time the      requirement has been closed.