Our Team

Our strength is our people.

What makes our people great is not their top grade qualifications from top institutes,  or the years they spent helping shape big organizations by holding key positions, but a combination of the two topped with their passion for excellence.

We have different teams, looking after different functions in the organization. We have the business development and project management team that has people with years of experience in achieving profit, revenue and growth of sectors. They have hands on experience in handling green field projects, managing operations and a thorough understanding of manufacturing sector/ global consulting companies. These are people from some of countries most prestigious engineering and business institutes such as IIT, Amity University, MDI Gurgaon and the like.

There is another team that looks after delivery and likewise it has diversity of experience. These are people who have wide experience of working in services , Manufacturing , Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Education and IT. They come from diverse background such as Finance, Marketing, HR, Nutrition and Dietetics.

All our team members have learnt processes inside out, they have been in the thick of real actions-getting their hands dirty dealing with real issues on the ground. So they are aware of the actual problems that occur and are better equipped to handle HR, than those who are just from HR background and find it hard to see how their work impacts their clients in real time. Our clients love us for the way we are able to understand their issues and connect with them.
We would love to help you with your HR. Lets meet and explore possibilities!