About us

We are PCC Associates is an HR outsourcing firm founded by Late Mr P.C. Chatterjee, a renowned professional with over 30 years of experience in Human Resources and Industrial relations.

We are a young and energetic firm that believes in delivering excellent value to its clients. We don't confine ourselves to the norms of the industry, in fact we believe in finding new ways to deliver excellence.


We strive to raise the standards of HR outsourcing services in the country. By providing end to end HR solutions and delivering an unmatched service experience, we're aiming to raise the bar for the new entrants in the field as well as preparing a new turf for existing players to compete on.


Some of the things that are an integral part of our culture, and are strongly embedded in our company's philosophy are, our values. These are the values we live by, each day of our professional lives. These are the principles we shall never compromise upon, the commandments we follow, the virtues we're willing to be tested upon. They're not the values on paper, they're our "values in use"

We call them "living by the 5Cs".

1. Client centricity

Our clients are at the heart of our business. All of our thinking and actions are focused around one central objective which is to maximise the gains of our clients. If needed, we go out of our way, modify our style, fight for our clients. We think on their behalf, anticipate problems that they may not, and bring to their notice, even if it results in additional workload for us, since we believe in building relationships that last, not the ones limited to individual tasks.

2. Commitment

We put a high price tag on our word. Once committed, we do everything within reason and beyond to deliver as promised. If in doubt, we'd rather under promise and over deliver than vice-verse. We despise those who make false/unrealistic promises and keep falling back and that's why we take extra pains to make sure right expectations are set and delivered upon.

3. Clarity

Through our experience, we've realised that vagueness in communication and processes is a major culprit when it comes to client dissatisfaction. It's even more dangerous because its highly unrecognised by most corporates. We take the problem head on. We take extra pains to ensure that we educate our clients about our processes and modify them to suit their needs. We ensure that you're kept well informed at all times.

4. Candour

We're a young and fearless team of professionals who are unfazed by the challenges of confronting harsh realities. We are prompt in expressing our concerns and suggestions. We're very direct and candid in our approach. We say things as we see them, we don't sugarcoat them. Some people may not like this, but its one of the things our clients love us for.

5. Conscientious

We endeavour to do our jobs with complete honesty and integrity. We would never compromise on the discretion of our clients, we would never forge any information, we do our jobs thoroughly and conscientiously.